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Blog Post
April 4, 2023

The Road to the 2023 Championship


Every match matters on the road to the 2023 Championship!

The 2023 Championship Tournament is where one franchise will take home the coveted 2023 PR7s United Championship – an unprecedented prize that combines the men’s and women’s results. Additionally, the last men’s team standing will take home the A. Jon Prusmack Cup, and the last women’s team standing will take home the Kathy Flores Cup.

There are four tournaments leading up to the Championship, two Western Conference and two Eastern Conference. View full schedule here. Every tournament is single elimination, bracket-style for both men's & women's franchises. Teams will receive points based on tournament placement. The top 2 men's & women's teams from each conference with the most points will advance to the championship tournament.

The stakes for the upcoming 2023 Championship Tournament are higher than ever before. In this single elimination tournament format, consistency is crucial. Teams must strive to perform their best in every match because the outcome directly impacts a team's chances of moving on to the Championship. Every win takes the teams one step closer to qualifying for the Championship round.

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