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Press Release
September 29, 2021

Kane Innovations Named an Inaugural Sponsor of Premier Rugby Sevens


(NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2021) Premier Rugby Sevens (PR7s), the all-new professional rugby league launching on Fox Sports on Saturday, Oct. 9, announced they have named Kane Innovations an inaugural sponsor. As a leader in architectural metal products nationwide, Kane Innovations will have its logo displayed on the jerseys of the Locals – one of the teams debuting at The PR7s Inaugural Championship in Memphis.

“Kane Innovations is thrilled to partner with Premier Rugby Sevens,” said Laura Mangus, director of marketing for Kane Innovations. “We support PR7s’ commitment to providing fresh, pro-sports league coverage and content curated exclusively for existing and future rugby sevens enthusiasts within the United States. Investing in PR7s’ growth is a remarkable opportunity for our organization, not only to increase exposure of the Kane brand on a national level, but to align our company with PR7s’ strong core values and vision. Rugby itself is the fastest growing sport in America and we are delighted to join the ascent alongside a forward-thinking, omnichannel sports entertainment collective like Premier Rugby Sevens.”

The PR7s Inaugural Championship will be held on Saturday, Oct. 9 at AutoZone Park and will be available via and the Fox Sports app from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. CDT and live on FS2 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. CDT. PR7s promises to provide equal pay under one league umbrella and will adopt a touring format in cities across the U.S. and Canada.

The league’s first player signings featured several stars from both the Men’s and Women’s U.S. Olympic Rugby Sevens Teams, including Perry Baker, Danny Barrett, Abby Gustaitis, Carlin Isles, Alev Kelter, Kristi Kirshe, Folau Niua, Naya Tapper, Stephen Tomasin, and Kevon Williams.

PR7s will feature six men’s teams and four women’s teams that will play multiple games in one location on a single day. Team brands include the Loonies, who will hail from the North, including Canada. The Team will represent Texas and the plains. The Loggerheads will associate with Cascadia. The Locals will ride with the New Yorkers. The Experts will emerge from the Mountain West. And the Headliners will identify with the Midsouth.

About Kane Innovations

Kane Innovations, founded in 1890, manufactures a diverse collection of architectural metal products for use on a variety of properties across the country. Their products include balcony railings for multifamily high-rises, security window screens for educational and government facilities, and detention equipment for criminal justice applications. To meet demand as the leading manufacturer-installer of railing systems within the United States, Kane Innovations operates three fabrication plants between two western Pennsylvania cities, Erie and Kane.

About Premier Rugby Sevens

Premier Rugby Sevens (PR7s) is a groundbreaking professional sports league in North America. Scheduled to debut in the Fall of 2021, PR7s is the first league of its kind with both women’s teams and men’s teams under one umbrella with equal pay. With a focus on accessibility and entertaining content for fans, the league will showcase the electrifying sport of rugby sevens through a single-day touring format in cities across the United States and Canada. The PR7s Inaugural Championship will take place in Memphis on Oct. 9 and will be available via FOX Sports in the U.S. and TSN in Canada. To learn more about Premier Rugby Sevens, go to and follow the league on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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